Monday, April 09, 2012

Archival Recreation: Tennis

Yes, we're most fond of cycling and hiking here at Archival, but we (almost) all love tennis, too. I waved a racquet around for an hour this morning on the last day of open tennis in New York (as of tomorrow, you need a $200 permit). I had to shop from my hiking wardrobe, but I was mentally wearing a more complete outfit from the past.

Making tennis balls


Charlotte Wilder said...

These photos are so awesome. Makes me want to time travel and ask one of them for a match. Though they would undoubtedly win.

Clarke Thomas said...

that second photo of Soutar & Williams isn't tennis. It's Rackets for the forefather to Squash. It's still played in a few places around the world.

Tom Bonamici said...

Clarke, thanks for the tip! Rackets looks like an eminently archival sport.