Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Archival Field Trip - Alex Singer (Paris)

Gabe and Sara outside the Alex Singer shop

Last August, post Paris-Brest-Paris, we had the pleasure of visiting the Alex Singer shop on 53, Rue de Victor Hugo, in northwest Paris. The historic Singer shop has a reputation for producing some of the most stunning, steel cyclo-tourist and racing bikes in the world. Visiting the Alex Singer is like shopping from the past. Vintage and modern bikes share the same floor space. A side showroom is filled with deadstock cycling shoes and wool jerseys - all in their original packaging. Since I'm set for bikes, I limited my purchases to a few Alex Singer caps and a fetching leather style pouch. Here are some snap views to round out my report:

Gilles Berthoud bags on display

The Singer shop porteur - my all time favorite

Love both the custom Singer front rack and shop floor tile

Bill A documenting a bike bound for Paris show

Catch and release leather cycling shoes

Shopping from the ceiling

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Jeff said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing. Shops like this are treasures that are disappearing all too quickly.