Friday, November 04, 2011

New Additions to AC Web Shop

We're updating the AC web shop with Fall items from Rising Sun, Leather Head Sports, Saint James and Columbiaknit. Check out our Columbiaknit cotton caps in new colorways. And by popular demand, we're bringing in a new logo-neutral Cooperstown Ball Cap in our favorite color, navy blue. Stay tuned for updates on more items coming to the AC shop including Individualized shirts and a from-the-archives, machine knit wool scarf.
Rising Sun Outdoor Vest Restock (indigo and new tan canvas duck)


Nicolai said...

The waistcoat - is it true-to-size?
Otherwise, should I size up or down?

Great blogging!


Lesli Larson said...


It's true to size but definitely trim fit. Designed Taft style with lower button left open.

Anonymous said...

Will you be restocking the plain navy caps anytime soon?