Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Archival DIY: Rewaxing Canvas Sneakers

AC friend and Otter Wax founder Chris Chase proposed that we put together a series of DIY videos on reproofing canvas products. We wanted to test wax a range of artifacts from dry finish canvas sneakers to an AC flap musette. Unlike traditional fabric waxes, Otter Wax is made from natural materials and is 100% petroleum free. In the video below, Chris demonstrates a method for rewaxing canvas sneakers that doesn't require a double boiler or heat gun. This is the first in a series of AC x Otter Wax reproofing videos. Start gathering your dry finish canvas goods.

Chris reproofing a pair of Superga canvas sneakers

Post reproofing

Otter Wax. All natural, petroleum free fabric wax.

For interested parties, here's our original post on reproofing a Filson duckbill cap using Martexin wax.


Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

this is great. thanks for sharing.

tomtom said...

Is it made from Otters?

Lesli Larson said...


No. Otters are a "source of inspiration, not an ingredient."

Fern said...

Yes, thank you for sharing such a great product! I prefer my canvas shoes to be unwaxed, but this has reminded me that I definitely need to rewax my super dry AC musette.