Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fall Recommendation: Down Vests

The seasons are finally changing, and as crisper weather rolls in, may we recommend that you turn to a vest when you're chilled? We all love our Westmorland and Retro-X vests at Archival, but we also have a soft spot for goose down. There's nothing lighter and more magically insulating, and they make a great pillow when you're backpacking. Here's a round-up of some historical models pulled from Backpacker Magazine and eBay, as well as some current offerings.

Crescent Down Works (offered by South Willard)

Feathered Friends Helios and Hyperion Vests

Western Mountaineering Flash Vest


corkgrips said...

I suspect that you already know that Rocky Mountain Featherbed was brought back to life in Japan. Edifice (Journal Standard family) did a nice one this season as well as some Harris Tweed numbers:

Anonymous said...

Eddie Bauer is also doing some really amazing things with down. Their new design team is bringing back a lot of the heritage of the brand.