Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Portland Field Trip

I (Tom) took a quick solo trip up to Portland yesterday to run some Archival errands. All is well with our suppliers. I was thrilled to catch the hat machine at Columbiaknit spinning merrily away.

We're working on quite a few new projects with Columbiaknit, including a classic Rugby shirt.

Another delightful lunch with friend Patrick of Chester Wallace

A quick stop at one of our retailers, Woodlands

I picked up some inventory from the former Winn Perry, including these great Cooperstown Cap Company Portland Beavers and Seattle Rainers hats, coming soon to our store.

A far-away project....


Joe said...

I see you lunched at the Good Food Here pod... you didn't happen to grab a burger from Etta? They're fantastic—the marinated tomatoes are sublime.

My Affair with Michael Bastian said...

Portland-- now added to my list of places to visit!

Anonymous said...

Tom or Leslie,

I'd be interest in the ballcaps, size dependent. Anything in a 7 1/2 to 7 3/4? I don't see them in the store yet.


Frank in Seattle