Monday, May 03, 2010

Archival Canoe Cruising

From “Canoe Cruising” by Lieutenant Warren H. Miller: “For the outdoor girl—the man and his wife adventuring wilderness travel for the first time—I could recommend no better selection than a good canoe trip. After one has mastered the rudiments of camping out, has gotten so that he can shelter himself and his from the elements and the insects, and can cook good, wholesome, palatable food on a campfire with camp cooking utensils, the next step forward would be some form of wilderness travel.”

Skipper at the prow

Packing the duffle bags

A noonday stop

Make camp within easy reach of good water

Dinner in the making

Delectable Irish stew

Rest stick

A new mattress every night

Open water

Archival camp mocs

Archival packing list


Stacy said...

a pair of jodhpurs would be just the thing.

Anonymous said...

31 silver quarters, the price of the Camp Moccasins, are worth $100.02, which seems high compared to Bean's current price of 69.00, but low compared to Quoddy's $190.00.

The Top-siders cost 129.00 in silver back then. Today the 75th anniversary CVO's are $75 dollars.

sarah a. said...

blogs like yours are why i spend too much time on the internet

Main Street said...

Neat post...makes me want to go camping. There was an article in the paper recently about high-tech camping, but I would much prefer this!