Monday, April 26, 2010

Archival Flap Musettes Now Available

We are excited to announce that a new round of Archival Flap Musettes and Archival Totes are now available. We also have Archival Plain Musettes in stock.

Flap musette in 10 oz. navy waxed cotton canvas

Flap musette in 22 oz. ranger tan waxed twill

Flap musette in 10 oz. olive waxed cotton canvas

To make a purchase, please send an email to to confirm availability of style and color.

The Flap Musette is $110 + 12.50 for shipping within the US.

For international shipping charges, please inquire at

While our musettes are designed for cycling and everyday use, we were pleased that Apartment Therapy Unplggd endorsed our bags for ipad portage.

And in case you missed our production tour of T & J sewing, here are a few more shots of the flap musettes being sewn by owner Terry Shuck.

Individually numbered tabs (hand stamped by Tom)

Binding side seams


Attaching web strap

Our sewing savant

In lieu of cardboard boxes (custom transport duffles by T & J)


Anonymous said...

Are you slowly jacking up the prices?

Lesli Larson said...


This is our first full bag run and we've had to adjust pricing to reflect actual material and labor costs. We're sewing everything locally and sourcing best quality US and UK materials. Bias tape is made for us from our own waxed cotton fabric and all the washers and tabs were die cut locally from leather sourced by AC.

Our current pricing reflects what it costs to produce a bag like this. I apologize for the increase in price from the last, more limited release.

J-P said...

@ Anon: All I can say is that having just purchased one, it is a very reasonable price for the overall quality of the product.

peter robinson said...

oo i can't decide on colour

Lesli Larson said...


I'd opt for the waxed tan twill. It's pretty stunning.


robby said...

Are these bags large enough to carry a 15" laptop?

XO-1.ORG said...

Anon: Isn't it the way of the world that prices go up over time? For something quality, that will last, it's obviously worth it.

Hong Jiun said...

Outstanding stuff guys!

eyestosky said...

I was wondering, are there any flap musettes still available?