Thursday, January 14, 2010

Archival Cricket

by Lesli Larson

New historical photographs from the State Library of New South Wales, a favorite Flickr Commons photostream.

Miss Archdale, English captain, c.1934

Rita Trudget [Trudgett ?], wicket keeper

Unidentified women's cricket team, c. 1930s

Ladies Cricket match-Glen Innes, NSW, c.1900


james at 10engines said...

the "wickie" in the sundress is fantastic.

Mr Brown said...

Rita takes top marks from me.

But I fear she was not the first choice for the team.

Good advert for caps worn at rakish angles.

The Browns said...

these are SO SO GREAT!!

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Love Rita Trudget!!

Le Club Du Style said...

I wish sportswomen/men looked as put together today. The hats are particularly splendid.

Dale P.L. Chadwick said...

Cricket is such a fantastically pretty sport.