Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Packing from Archival Clothing

by Lesli Larson

I'm preparing for a brief field trip up to Seattle. I'll be visiting friends and checking out Blackbird's pop-up Ballard store, The Field House.

Rather than packing the usual uniform (Levi's, loafers and St. James sweaters), I'm sourcing my wardrobe from garments and accessories previously featured on Archival Clothing. Although I'd love to say that I'm bringing all USA-made goods, my selections for this trip are mainly UK brands . My hypothetical wardrobe features shoes by Crockett and Jones, perfectly tailored blazers and knickers from Holland & Holland and jackets by Beretta, Barbour and Hoggs of Fife (a jacket for every Northwest weather condition). At the moment, my shopping options for top quality, nicely fitting shirts for women is limited to my paper doll Holland & Hollands and a thrifted JCrew haberdashery shirt (not pictured). Please send along future packing suggestions for Gitman Bros. or Our Legacy type shirts sized for women.

Inspired by this 1919 demonstration of transformative wardrobes, I'm trying to identify a single clothing item that would generate multiple travel outfits (from Thursday through Sunday).

From formal clothing to sports wear in no time (Nationaal Archief)

Here's what I've packed so far. I still need to edit my selections down to a single jacket and carry-all:

Barbour Urban Transport jacket

Hoggs of Fife & Beretta Maremmana jackets

Holland & Holland knickers, blazers and shirting

Crockett and Jones lace-up ankle boots and brogues

Brady & Hunting World travel bags

For some reason, one of my favorite travel bag brands, Bertram Mann, lacks a web presence and produces zero results in a Google image search. I'll leave this space blank to illustrate the Bertram Mann weekender bag I'll be using to pack up these outfits.


Anonymous said...

Hope the weather lightens up by the time you get here - it's been very windy with the occasional rain over the past week.

robin said...

love that barretta jacket!! did you find any distributors in the u.s for that "1526 vintage" collection?

Lesli Larson said...

Best source for Beretta seems to be ebay or Sierra Trading Post. Everything on their formal US site seems to be sold out or on back order. I'd love to field test more Beretta for women.


Jing Qian said...

Hah, Lesli.It is funny that I am also do the packing these days for a 2-week trip to Melbourne.

I totally agree wih you that it is difficult to find quality shirts in women's size. Self Edge has many shirts available in womens size. You may check them out:


One of the brands they carry is Mister Freedom who made all their shirts in xs which fits me well.

Filson has a few shirts I find nice.

Good luck with your trip and looking forward to seeing the posts :)

Le Petit Boucher said...

My dear girl I have to point out that beretta is an Italian gunmaker. It has taken them a while to pin the English field sport look and even with a shop in St James I'm not sure they've done it. I should also point out that although Holland and Holland uphold the best gunmaking in Englang they are owned by Channel, likewise Purdy with lux group Richemont. May I point you in the direction of Alexander James?

Solomander said...

Those C & J boots are awesome. Have a great trip.

Lesli Larson said...


FWIW, the H & H garments in the post predate the sale of the company to Chanel. I do like the styling of their earlier tweed jackets. Stylish, trim fitting yet functional shooting/field jackets are difficult to find.

Thanks for the Alexander James recommendation.