Sunday, November 15, 2009

Archival Field Trip: PDX November 2009

by Lesli Larson

My plan for Saturday was to double-check Danner Japan inventory and attend the first anniversary party for the Filson flagship store in Portland. But an unexpected, out-of-town guest rerouted our shopping itinerary more towards women's footwear and work wardrobes (not to be confused with workwear).

Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a quick stop at Winn Perry to say hello to Jordan and see his new Alden for Winn Perry boots (the oiled leather "little tanks"). Here's a spot inventory of some of the (not necessarily archival) items I saw on Saturday.


S.N.S-Herning knit cap

Alden plain toe boot in reverse chamois leather

plantation crepe soles with leather tips

Laura Irwin knit hats for Winn Perry

Sterlingwear pea coats

Alden longwings for Winn Perry

Oiled, double leather soles

SNS-Herning sweater (still awaiting sizing for women)

Vintage "Office Valet"

the Hill-Side selvedge chambray scarves

Pendleton reversible jacket for Opening Ceremony


Sendra from Spain (last pair in the shop)

Fiorentini + Baker (what the guest bought)

Costume National shoes (50% off)


Shawl collar proliferation

Downtown Field jacket (Barbour simulacra)

Waxed carry-all (interesting dimensions and external pocketing)



sulu-design said...

My in-laws were in town this weekend and we took them many of the same shops - I'm surprised we didn't bump into you. I loved the sweet rib pattern in the Laura Irwin hats at Winn Perry. I hope you got the burger at the bar at Higgins. And if you haven't been there yet, may I recommend another fabulous burger spot in PDX? Slow Bar is darker and more divey-bar like than Higgins, but the burgers there are unbelievable. Really.

robin said...

i recently did jury duty in jersey city and our jury room (built in 1965) still had the original 'office valet' and the bathrooms were pristine, untouched from 1965, right down to the old tampon machines on the wall...

Lesli Larson said...
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Lesli Larson said...


Wishing I had had a chance to drop by Tumbleweed. Did you take the in-laws around to your own shop?!

Any interesting acquisitions?

Higgins burger. Check!

Solomander said...

Interesting Alden PTBS. Those crepe soles look nice. I can't believe that I owned a pair of wingtips briefly 30 years ago and got rid of them, never expecting them to come back into style.

Jing Qian said...

The Laura Irwin hats look nice!

I saw your billykirk vintage cuff. I have a same one:)

What pants (are they wool?) are you wearing with the Barbour?

Thank you!

Lesli Larson said...


I ordered my bk cuff after I saw the one one on your blog! Would like to see BK bring this vintage model.

Jacket is a new Filson custom order. I'll provide a full report next week.


OTC said...

Great post and of course, great site. Regarding the J. Crew carry-all, I just noticed it a week or two ago. For anyone who is curious, it's modeled on a pilot's helmet bag; here's a link to a "real" one:

I actually have one and occasionally use it to carry my fencing mask, just the right size. Personally, I like the J. Crew one more - it's got a wonderful utilitarian feel to it. thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lesli Larson said...


I twitter under archcloth here: