Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shopping from 1976: Brady Bags

Knowing my obsession with the history of British fishing bags, Brady Brothers was kind enough to loan me this original brochure from 1976. I'm told that when Brady was operating from Halesowen, England, they kept very few original advertisements or print catalogues. Brady issued a small brochure type catalogue every 10 or 15 years since nothing in the product line ever changed. At the time, British fishing and game bags were quite popular and there was usually a 2 year waiting list for a bag like the leather Brady cartridge bag. The small brochure from 1976 is the only one known to exist within the company.

I'd love to see the shopping list current readers would draw up from this catalogue. I own a few bags from this catalogue including the diminuitive Norfolk and the staggering Scot (webbing wider than my shoulder blade). Per Brady's own notes, most of the items pictured in this catalogue are still available today (making the catalogue a bit of a peeking-into-the-past let down). I'm most curious about the items found on the "Miscellaneous" page of the brochure--namely the ferret bag, bridle leather dog collar and rabbit purse nets. I'm wondering if these items should be considered as key accessories in a future heritage clothing collection.


Robin said...

It doesn't look like their current catalog is much different.

The only thing that's missing though, is a proper drink case: http://www.timhardy.com/drinkcases.html


TheSundayBest said...

Gun cases ftw.

Winter Bicycles said...

The cast zinc/ aluminium "Goliath Catapult" tops my list of must have accessories.