Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shopping from the Dartmouth Outing Club

Ed. note: Friend and Archival Clothing contributor Tom B. returns from summer break with a brief visual blurb on the classic style of his alma mater's historic outing club.

During my time in college, I was very active in the Dartmouth Outing
, the oldest collegiate outing club in the country. It's a
terrific organization, running freshman orientation trips, maintaining
trails, and hosting scores of hikes, bikes, paddles, and climbs every
term. However, upon doing some digging in the club reports from years
past, I believe that sartorial standards have slipped dramatically.

A week ago, Tom field tested this lightweight, all cotton hiking ensemble (minus kerchief) inspired by the Dartmouth Outing club photo archives:


Mr Brown said...

Dear me.


In spite of seems more appropriate for the last picture.

Mr Brown said...

Penultimate picture rather.

*note to self... scroll dear boy*

Alan said...

Ditch the cotton and go with merino wool, you'll be glad you did.

Fritz Bogott said...

Every campus deserves an Outing Club where 1911 drag is mandatory. Kids, please help put the time- back in -travel!

(Gorton College, my alma mater, actually maintains its own Luftschiff Zeppelin LZ2 airship--so it would only be natural for the neo-Outing movement to start at dear old Gorton. Go Possums!)

Kate F. said...

Meh. Final picture is quite dashing, but your recreation of the tank-top look loses its punch without the long dark socks and the kerchief. Details, dear brother!!

Love the old photos, though.

Lesli Larson said...

I can attest that Tom possesses a full arsenal of wool, kerchiefs and knee socks:


Kate F. said...

I know, that's why I am disappointed by the rolled down white athletic socks! For Shame.

Tom said...

Well. I wasn't anticipating a photoshoot before the hike, it was a spur-of-the-moment idea. And those are thick woolen socks, dear sister. Details! Just to placate you all, expect a future DOC-inspired hiking post.

Kate F. said...

Whew. I am relieved that your attention to detail hasn't lapsed!

The Browns said...

what amazing photos-love the clothing.

Anonymous said...

haha what an itty-bitty man!