Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shopping from 1907: Abercrombie and Fitch


indiansummervintage said...

posts like these make me even happier to start my weekend, thank you. Isn't $6 for a sweater in 1907 a bit steep?

thelastlaugh said...

In an act of defiance against what Abercrombie has become and in my sophomore year of college, a friend and I visited the building that was the original Abercrombie and Fitch and peed on it. I guess that's one of those stories that is cool in my memory, but sort of regrettable as soon as put written down...
In any event, this post is great.

thelastlaugh said...

wikipedia says,
"Prominent figures who patronized the company in its excursion goods days include Teddy Roosevelt,[10] Amelia Earhart,[10][11] Greta Garbo,[10] Katharine Hepburn,[10] Clark Gable,[10] John Steinbeck,[12][13] John F. Kennedy,[13] Ernest Shackleton,[14] Dwight Eisenhower,[13] and Ernest Hemingway.[15]"

Anonymous said...

It's sad that a once great company has become something so tacky today. I wouldn't be caught dead in an "A&F".

Fritz Bogott said...

Thanks Lesli! This is my new all-time favorite AC post.

My two initial reactions are:
1) I must have all those bags, and
2) I am now feverishly cut-n-pasting those images to compose a suburban-prospector ghost comic. Gonna have to do the lettering with a dip-pen, of course.

Lesli Larson said...


I want to see that finished dip-pen comic (must incorporate wool flag, pack cloth and animal trap).


Fritz Bogott said...

Wilco. said...

I will cherish forever:

1. Stanley pockets
2. Ammunition (or lunch) bag
3. The ladies knitted blouse

There are plenty of period patterns available for the hunting hood, btw.

Don Guss said...

I sure love the waterproof camp pack.
I wish I could get a profile on that piece.
I need a few more details.

Great post, Lesli

theselvedgeyard said...

Can't imagine why they'd ever walk away from such a rich and wonderful heritage to sell pervy teenage clothes. Oh wait, I remember now-- Mike Jeffries.

I, like many others, prefer the original A + F.



Anonymous said...

I'd like to order the 7 piece bamboo fly rod please!