Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heritage military uniforms for women

Auxilary Fire Service

Auxilary Territorial Service

Red Cross Officers' Outdoor Uniform

Volunteer's uniform in the A.T.S.

Auxilary Fire Service

Mechanised Transport Corps


Auxilary Air Force (Officer's Uniform)

Women's Voluntary Service

Land Army

From the archives of the Illustrated London News, here are some WWII uniforms for the women's auxilary service ("its members attend to cooking--their most important work---stewarding, all kinds of clerical work, motor driving, coding, and also serve as telephonists").

Some of these uniforms, and accessories, seem ready for re-issue by History Preservation Associates ("Linking You With the Past"). My personal favorite is the Land Army ensemble (buckets, brogues and breeks).


Air-raid shelter provisions

Mathematics in action


victoria thorne said...

lovely post. strong women with great backbones and (surely) nerves of steel...

have hat tip to you at home blog...hoping you have a brilliant weekend

l'il hateful said...

Okay, you need to watch "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" and shop from the second half. Deborah Kerr is smashing in uniform:

jdg said...

the first few, especially, are just fantastic. what a find!

Quail said...

Ahhhhh....right smack dab in the middle of my most coveted era.

SaPo :] said...

Why does "Auxilary Air Force (Officer's Uniform)" looks so strangely UNITINU?