Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Champagne Cabaret

Eugene is a long way from the Algonguin Oak Room.

Desperate for American Songbook stylings, I've taken to watching the Lawrence Welk show--a program I loathed as a child (sample reason: one ex-Welk star remembered her mother peeling potatoes to the program). Amidst the madness of polyester tuxedos, saccharin themed shows (Springtime! Westerns! Salute to the Movies!) and pubescent sister acts (singing "Sisters" a song more typically delivered by old salts like Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury), I'm finding singers and song numbers I actually enjoy (my own snowbound Spring madness?!?). Absent of any jazz inflection, certain Welk singers resemble contemporary cabaret artists--successfully delivering tunes through a veil of champagne sweetness.

For a more total web hommage, see the Welk Musical Family blog.

"I've Got Rhythm"

"Love will keep us together"


"Walking in the sunshine"

"Spring will be a little late this year"


Quixotic Bicycles said...

Back away from the TV! Faster, FASTER!

Promise me this isn't a glimpse at Monday's "festivities"....

My memories of that show mostly involve my grandmother snoring.

Anonymous said...

Look at the outfits they are just class.