Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Archival Reissue - Alden Workman's Oxford

Several years ago, friend Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry offered a limited, special make up of Alden Indy shoes in a Workman Oxford style. To this day I regret not placing an order.   I love Alden Indy boots but I prefer the low cut style and double water loc sole used for Jordan's special make ups. 

For the record, Archival customer Matt Bernier sent me some snaps of his Winn Perry sourced Alden Workman Oxfords - recently resoled with my favorite, Dainite rubber soles.   Until another Alden stockist offers a pre-order for the Indy oxfords, I'll wishfully shop from Matt's photographs.


Not available for sale - Alden Workman's Oxfords (via Winn Perry)

Matt's Aldens - recently resoled with Dainite rubber soles by B. Nelson

Beautiful red Dainite soles - via Leather Soul blog


Igor said...


Comic Tools said...

Oh my God, they even have it in natural Chromexel! Yup Igor, that is it. Good find!

Ducktoes said...

I adore your ideas about buying quality and wearing things until they dissolve. I'm going to do it.