Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Premium Purples

Classic Dana Designs Bomb Pack from eBay (Mine is also purple, but a slightly different colorway)

I always think of the Dana Designs packs which were called "Blurple" - a cheerful hue lurking somewhere between blue and purple - as being my favorite color ever for technical baggage. Since those aren't available aside from eBay, here's a wide range of purple goods that have been catching my eye recently.

Gorgeous Skookum crew neck sweater. Japan-only, of course.

A towel that I shall never get to use.

Japan-only Filson Black Label jacket

Purple sweatshirt

Custom Chacos!

I know, I know. Couldn't resist.

Japan-only Crescent Down Works vest

Japan-only Brady bag


J-P said...

Chaco's are my go-to shoes...and my 98' Dana is still going strong.

Where did you get that sweatshirt? I could not see the tag.


Tom Bonamici said...

JP, good to hear from you! As for the sweatshirt, please stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

so if you stocked that skookum purple in men's medium...i might buy it tomorrow. Just sayin'.....