Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shopping from ebay - Patagonia pants

Add these old Patagonia pants to the list of garments I'll stick to admiring from afar. They remind me of the Gramicci pants that were everywhere in the early 90s in Oregon. But when I showed them to Lesli, she immediately thought of traditional Japanese monpe pants, a simple pull-on affair once worn by farmers or merchants.

There are plenty of places to buy monpe, but for the truly ambitious, try sewing your own!

Please note that Archival does not endorse the wearing of monpe outside of a camp or home setting. And those old Gramicci pants? Leave 'em in the 90s.


Anonymous said...

omg Gramicci! I and all my rock climbing buddies would wear them.

Then I started wearing them around with my other friends who were street skaters and rollerbladers.. and then they all started wearing them..

It was funny watching dudes in rollerblades with gramicci pants and shorts. They really loved them cus of the way the inseam left room and the pockets had the "catch" sewn in to keep keys from falling out.

Good times.. good times

Anonymous said...

Also inspirition for Henrik Vibskovs Harem Pants, or as the story goes the upside down tshirt pants.

Andrew said...

I don't know, Archival -- I'd say Gramicci and Monpe-style pants are just right for the Eugene Saturday Market and Federal Building Drum Circle. Do these qualify for " or home settings?"

Anonymous said...

I still own and wear two pair each of Gramicci pants and shorts. Why not?