Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Archival Handkerchiefs

As documented, Archival loves kerchiefs. My preference is for discharge printed, polkadot models from Japan and the UK. To diversify my collection, I'm going to shop for a few vintage kerchiefs from Cornell University's Political Americana Collection. When knotted, the rhetorical content reverts back to pleasing patterns and scrambled text.

Cleveland-Thurman Handkerchief

Benjamin Harrison Handkerchief, 1888

Theodore Roosevelt "Progressive Battle Flag" textile portrait

Benjamin Harrison Handkerchief, 1888

Benjamin Harrison-Morton Handkerchief, 1888

Garfield-Arthur Portrait Textile, ca 1880

Cleveland-Stevenson "Our Candidates 1892 " Portrait

Taft Tariff Reform handkerchief

Benjamin Harrison-Morton handkerchief, ca 1888

Centennial Celebration by Manhattan Lodge, I.O.B.B.


ryan said...

These are great. I would love to come across the Progressive TR Battle Flag!

israel said...

great post, I am a great lover of bandanas, and these are amazing, a real treasure

stevemcgee99 said...

Grover Cleveland for me!

Noble County Gold said...

Co-wokers as the Harrison - Morton 1888 framed . Its a great piece.