Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Archival Keeperwear

Shopping from 2001: Barbour Keeperwear Jacket

I don't hunt but I love the purpose-built features of a well made shooting jacket. Juliette, owner of Hub & Bespoke, recommends the Barbour quilted nylon Keeperwear, a jacket that has been in the Barbour product line for over a decade. The Keeperwear resembles the classic Liddesdale but comes with features that make it handy for both hunting and bike commuting: a rear carrying pocket, snap closures, raglan sleeves for ease of movement, protective shoulder patches to prevent bag abrasion, large hand warmer pockets and rear snap gussets. Barbour wax jackets can be too warm for cycling. The Keeperwear quilt, on the other hand, provides rain repellency while remaining highly breathable. I buy my quilts a size up so I can layer them over multiple sweaters and vests.

Updated Barbour Keeperwear (2011)

Stud fastening rear game pouch

Discontinued Keeperwear jacket for women via Sierra Trading Post

Waistcoat version also available

A decorative pin for your lapel (via ebay)


corkgrips said...

I've been interested in getting a quilted Barbour lately as well. The shoulder patches are a little much for me, but I really like that the game pockets are vertical like jersey pockets as well as the knitted cuffs.. that's the one thing that's missing from the Liddesdale that I'd like.

Lesli Larson said...

The shoulder patches will wear down with use. Do not fear them. You should also look into sporting models by UK brands Lavenham, Beaver of Bolton and John Partridge. Shop their Japan only models too!