Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Archival Update: Rising Sun Outdoor Vest

We're excited to offer a limited run of one of our favorite Archival finds, the Rising Sun & Co. Outdoor Vest. Made from stout, indigo dyed canvas duck (loomed by Cone Denim), the Outdoor Vest takes its inspiration from traditional hunting and fishing vests.

Heritage inspiration

This best quality, handcrafted garment comes with front patch pockets, a small chest pocket, an inside chest pocket, and an internal “poachers” pocket. Rising Sun & Co., located in Pasadena, California, sews their garments on site -- using their prized, single needle, black head Singer sewing machine. Rising Sun has posted some short videos showing the vests being sewn.

Single needle construction

Contrasting cotton lining and breast pocket

Front loading poacher's pocket

Large patch pockets

Selvage detail on back cinch

Vest ensemble

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Rivet Head said...

Their vests are incredible! I have a limited blue with brown duck back panel that I'm slowly breaking in.