Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Archival Review: Camera Accessories

As a follow up to my post on film cameras, here are a few archival accessories to complete your kit.

Custom straps and leather cases by Luigi (image courtesy Martin Sequerah).

Waxed cotton camera satchel by Strawfoot bags (image and review via Wood & Faulk)

Diminuitive Avea gadget pockets and pouches by Billingham

Economical Gnome custom bag for the GRiii (waxed canvas and truck tarping)

Synthetic exception. Durable neoprene SLR camera cover by Zing

Domke pouches in dry finish and waxed canvas. Made in USA

Calumet protective wrap. Great, less structured approach to transporting equipment

Ona waxed cotton camera bag insert. Designed for non-camera bags

My Billingham insert and camera bag. Too much leather trim for my taste but made from best quality materials. I've moved the insert over to my Archival Field Bag

Beautiful mono tubular Tiltall tripods. Still made in USA. I found mine at a thrift store. Great info page on the history of Tiltall here


bright lights, big cities said...

does that roliflex still work??? (the one in the strawfoot bag)... I have one like it, but haven't used it..

great post.

corkgrips said...

i love those calumet wraps, really handy for 4x5 lenses or any camera lenses for that matter.

Lesli Larson said...

Rolleiflex definitely still works. Here's a recent pix of ST and Chaz:


Yes, the Calumet wraps are terrific. I'd love to make up our own version in waxed cotton with wool lining (ala the Strawfoot camera case).

Max said...

I'm still using my uncle's tiltall tripod from the seventies.

Fern said...

Thanks so much for posting! Great list of accessories. It's refreshing to see non-synthetic and handmade goods here. I am about to pull the trigger on a Gordy's leather wrist strap and a custom Gnome camera bag (so reasonably priced!); just waiting to for my Micro 3/4 Canon lens adaptor to come in so I can decide which setup I want to use. :)

Fern said...

I also want to note that Gnome now carries hand-oiled cotton in black and olive for custom bag builds. Exciting!

Jen McCleve said...

Those are some really stylish camera accessories. I'll have to follow your links and see what I like. Great work on making the list. I could really use a new camera bag, mine is pretty old and falling apart.