Monday, April 11, 2011

Shopping from the Present: Alpine Pullovers

I'm probably the only one shopping for heavy duty knitwear. But here I am in April obsessing over the new Dachstein boiled wool pullovers on offer from Bradley Alpinist. The sweaters are made in the Dachstein Region of Austria of wind and water resistant boiled wool. I've been sporting Dachstein-style wool mitts by Ortovox for cycling. In wet or snowy conditions, the boiled wool absorbs water and still keeps you warm.

Although Dachstein does not offer an XS pullover, I'm negotiating to test a sweater that was delivered with abnormally small dimensions. Report to follow.

Even in the late 70s, Dachstein sweaters were difficult to source.

Shopping from 1979. Dachstein pullover on offer via Yak Works catalog (courtesy AC reader Allen).


vespajg said...

Lesli - great sweaters. I fear our climate here in PDX is a bit too warm for them, unless you're spending a lot of time in the mountains. Love the crew neck...

Off topic - did you have your Alden Beefrolls cobbled in PDX? If so, who put the half soles on them? Did you go with Vibram or Topy? Just curious as I'm due for a new pair and am thinking of getting half soles put on...

allen said...

Great post. I wanted a Dachstein sweater since the 1970's and could not afford one at the time. I did score the military surplus version via ebay and they are amazing, though frequently simply too warm. Good to see Bradley Alpinist is bringing these back. The sweaters were imported by a NE outfit called Climb High until the 1980's. I've since found a cardigan in a thrift store and stocked up on mittens and gloves via ebay as the stuff is just too good to pass up. The link below is to my photobucket account and the catalog scan is from a Yak Works catalog from perhaps 1979 featuring the sweater.
All the best,

ps. I always loved the page from Backpacker magazine - the Silva skis shown were my very first pair and I still have and use them.

Colin said...

Do you know about Swandri pullovers from New Zealand? They are sort of a modern take on this style of pullover.

Colin said...

Sorry, I just saw the swandri link you posted on the side. Scratch that last comment.

Lesli Larson said...


Yes, I've heard of Swandri but I've never seen one of their garments in person. If you own any, let me know if you'd like to write up a review.


Thank you for the Yak scans. Maybe I could mine a few for a shopping from the past report.


I had my Aldens resoled in Eugene by a place that's essentially gone out of business. I'd recommend Bakers shoes and boots in Eugene if you come down this way. They do a terrific job. I'm sure there are good Cobblers in Portland. Just see who claims to have been in business the longest. Avoid mall kiosks and fashion footwear boutiques.

allen said...

I've completely scanned that particular Yak Works Catalog, if you want a copy send me your email address and I will email it to you.

Alan (for some reason I can't seem to edit my gmail account to get my name spelled correctly)

Lesli Larson said...


Yes, I'd love a copy of the catalog. OK to reprint a few pages on AC with credit to you for digitization?

Send to



My Affair with Michael Bastian said...

Brunello Cucinelli cashmere...

Jonathan Studiman said...

these look beautiful! Hope your test order works out... then I will definitely ask you to send some Canada-way next winter.

allen said...

Did you get my email with the photobucket link to the catalog?

vaughn wascovich said...

Your post on Dachstein got me shopping- thanks a lot... so no, you're not the only person who buys wool in the summer. My latest Pendleton blanket arrived last week- I couldn't pass up a sale, and last night I ordered an Ibex Vertigo jacket- another sale... It's the thinnest wool they make, so I might be able to wear it a few times in the middle of winter, or if I really crank the a/c. As it is, it's going to be mid-80's all week and as humid as a wet towel. But I'm going to own a pretty sweet jacket.