Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Archival Clothing x Columbiaknit Scarves

In collaboration with Portland based Columbiaknit, Archival Clothing announces the release of a line of 100% cotton scarves. Since 1921, Columbiaknit has been producing best quality knitwear right here in the Pacific Northwest. The scarves were designed for us by our friend, Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry. The fabric for the scarves comes from original, deadstock floor fabrics from Columbiaknit. Made of 8 oz cotton jersey, with turned down, stitched edges bartacked at the corners.

Columbiaknit scarves are available in two colorways:

- Royal / White stripe
- Black/ Gray mock twist

100% cotton
Machine washable

Dimensions: 11" x 60"

Made in USA


Backwoods Plaid said...

Been following you for a long time. Decided to begin my own blog. If you like it, perhaps you could add a link to it on yours. I have done the same for you. Let me know your thoughts!

Pete said...

The mock twist looks great and all Columbiaknit merch seems a good value. Arch Cloth churning out the good stuff!

Matthew Hranek said...