Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping From The Present: CHINO ALERT

Heads up, chino lovers:

Context Clothing is blowing out the exceptional Dickies 1922 Collection trousers at half-price. See our thorough review. Highly recommended, if you aren't looking for a slim fit.

Also, the gent on eBay with a container full of vintage Hunting World clothing is still selling those terrific chinos for only $25. Don't pass these up! UPDATE - from our experience (5 pairs between the two of us), the brown chinos are made in the USA, and the khakis are made in China.

Instead of stocking up more on these great garments, I'll shop from myself and keep dreaming about Patagonia re-issuing my beloved, slim-fitting Stand Up Pant from the early 1990s in the same 8oz Cramerton Twill as the above Dickies (and making them in the USA).

Evidence of ideal trouser


Anonymous said...

What kind of flannel is that? I really like the pattern & the elbow pads.

Tom Bonamici said...

Hi Anon,
It's an old Pendleton that I found at a thrift store....

E. Naeher said...

Just a note for future readers: not all of the brown chinos are made in USA, I just received a pair and they are made in China.