Sunday, October 03, 2010

Field Report - Brooklyn Flea

Classic example of Duluth-style bag sag

I haven't done too much New York exploring yet, since I've been thoroughly cloistered in the studio. Thankfully, my neighborhood has a number of Interesting Things, so I've been trying to keep Saturday mornings free for strolling around.

Pack basket spotted at the Fort Greene Farmer's Market

Typical produce

Most recently, I had the pleasure of running into Matthew Hranek of the excellent William Brown Project at his new Brooklyn Flea booth. I was sad not to see any of Matt's home-grown charcuterie on display, but we had a nice chat in between the oohs and aahs of customers taken by Matt's collection of timepieces, outerwear, and baggage.

Matt was expertly sporting double outerwear

WWII era bomber clock. 8-day wind, luminescent dial, $240

Outerwear galore

Tatra Rod & Gun Club (on Woolrich jacket)

I enjoy cruising through the Flea even though the prices are mostly beyond my grad-student budget. I've gotten a few things so far, all of which will serve for years.

Dunlap pliers set (I don't know how, but I left all of my pliers in Oregon)

Cosco folding step stool, ideal for our apartment's high table and higher shelves


Nicolas Lazaro said...

Wow, Matt's blanket coats look awesome.

classiquenouveau said...

wonderful and great the job market in which Marines are the uniform material IIWW herringbone, spent years trying to get some pants

blax said...

One of my usual weekend stops with the lady. I bought a 50s pocket knife and a bandanna from Matt on Saturday!!


Hallock said...

I was visiting NYC for the first time and was at the Flea this weekend. It was spectacular.

A.B. said...

Recommended: HNH BBQ brisket sandwich and potato salad.

molly said...

that stool will last you forever.
we've had ours for years, found it on the street. it's a beaut!