Saturday, August 14, 2010


"Since 1839, Kirk's master soap makers have formulated this hypoallergenic skin care bar with all natural coconut oil. Unlike other national brands, Kirk's Original Coco Castile contains no animal by products that can irritate sensitive skin. No synthetic detergents, like sodium lauryl sulfate, either.
Kirk's makes handfuls of rich creamy lather even in the hardest water. Yet, it rinses with thrilling ease and no drying residue. Skin is left beautifully soft and healthy. Ideal for every member of the family, by the sink or in the bath. Kirk's is biodegradable and never tested on animals."

My favorite soap. Under $2 at your local grocer. Made in USA. Sister company to Granpa's (of Pine Tar Soap fame), for those from the BOB who need some Grant credibility. Available in liquid form, but I'd recommend sticking with the bar.


Anonymous said...
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Miss Alexandra said...

this plus some aquaphor is great for healing tattoos! a lot of people like using liquid soap, but this bar soap has no sulfates, making it much gentler!