Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shopping from the past: Hunting World Trousers

It's not often that you get follow through on shopping from the past. Hunting World NYC closed its doors in 2008, and currently seems to sell only in duty-free airport shops in East Asia. However, if, like us, you're still shopping from Hunting World and need a safari tuxedo, eBay seller cowboywest currently has a sizeable stock of NOS trousers and jackets. The seller, bless him, provides excellent measurements on the auction pages, and I ordered a pair of pants based on my shaky tape measure figures. The trousers are terrific - a nice mid-weight gabardine, quality details, hand-finished buttonholes, and not too baggy in the seat. Since we're always stocking up on quality provisions for the apocalypse, I promptly ordered two more pair and a pair for Lesli - at $20 a pair, you really can't lose.

-100% cotton
-Made in China (Surprised? Us too).
-Seven belt loops (earns top marks from Tom)
-Hand-finished buttonholes
-Frenched outer side seams, butted inner seam (for ease of tailoring)
-Allowance for taking in or letting out waistband
-Double front closure (helps fly to lay flat)
-Top-opening front pockets
-Sits just above waist
-Fitted in seat, straight leg
-1975 price: $85 ($330 adjusted for inflation!)
-Buy It Now for $26 shipped from cowboywest.

Now we're lobbying for other eBay sellers to continue this trend of offering dream products for reasonable buy-it-now prices. I'm hanging up a horseshoe in hopes of finding a few dead stock sweaters, in a wide range of colors and sizes, from Montgomery Ward c. 1947.


conrad said...

could we get some shots of someone wearing the pants? they sound intriguing ,but id love to see them being worn first to get a better idea. thanks!

Jing Qian said...

Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, they donot have my size :(

Yes, please post fit pictures :)

Tom Bonamici said...

All - I'll certainly post an update once I get around to hemming the pants - currently they have a 40" inseam, a bit long for me.

peter robinson said...

i bought some today, did you buy khaki tom.

SimonTuntelder said...

Very close to buying a pair. How do they fit sizewise? And how is the fabric?


Tom Bonamici said...

The sizing is accurate. See measurements provided on the auction site. Due to vanity sizing, I'm usually a waist size 32, although my waist measures 34. I'm a size 34 in these pants, and it's even a touch snug. Fit is average, though the rise is a touch longer and the waist a bit higher than most pants out there now.

Rob said...

I got a pair mine are made in the USA, not China. They also seem darker than those your picture. Very nice cut overall - much slimmer in the seat than I expected.

Rob said...

Ah, no wonder mine darker. I got the brown, not the khaki. I didn't even notice that he had both colors for sale.

peter robinson said...

i got mine, they are nice apart from the seat area, too tight for my liking. I know there is give, but i don't think it will be enough to let out