Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping from Japan: Mont-Bell Thermawrap Skirt

Add the Mont-Bell thermawrap skirt to my list of synthetic exceptions. I love the multi-functional design of this skirt as garment, survival wrap or cushion. Use notes from the Mont-Bell site: "Throw it on over your long underwear after a day of skiing or wear it alone when it is just too cold for a traditional skirt. It also makes a perfect ultra light backcountry pillow." As a bag junky, I'm doubly drawn to the idea of a garment that comes with its own supplemental stuff sack.

Mont-Bell should push the thermawrap concept and release a version of the skirt lined in emergency space blanket mylar.

Surprisingly, this oddball garment is available through the US Mont-Bell site (sizing starts with Medium) though the more experimental colorways (and smaller sizes?) appear to be exclusive to the Japanese market.

Japanese model in classic Outdoor Go Outside Style ensemble

Thermawrap Origami

On the subject of women's outdoor clothing--the most recent Patagonia catalog included some terrific vintage photographs of female rock climbers from the 1970s (under the heading "Women's Lifestyle"). Sadly, the catalog featured clothing for women that showed little in the way of a heritage design influence. Let's hope Patagonia mines the content of historical photographs--and their own clothing archives--for a true "Women's Lifestyle" collection.

Mari Gingery in a plaid shirt not available the Spring 2010 Patagonia catalog


Don Guss said...

beautiful work. i really like the quilting and material.

nice post, as usual, friend.

ablejack said...

Is available in the same Patagonia catalogue with the Mary Ginger photo.

They do what they do at Patagonia.

Anonymous said...

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