Sunday, December 13, 2009

PDX Field Report (12/12/09)

by Lesli Larson

We planned for a day's worth of errands in Portland. But an ice storm kept us in town through Sunday. Rather than pursue our standard routines, we followed our friend Sarah G., a Portlander, to her favorite places. I'm supplementing the usual AC footage of wool and waxed cotton with new images of salt, patent leather and silver.

Portland Farmer's Market

Portland Filson


Pine State Biscuit

Stand Up Comedy

Immortal Piano

Sara Barner @ Una

Schwinn Sprint @ City Bikes

Filson Double Mac @ Stumptown


Angelo R. said...

Sneak peak of your bags?

Jing Qian said...

The bag looks good!

What pants are you wearing in the filson store (the grey wool ones)?

vaughn wascovich said...

Okay, you win. Portland is way cool-er than East Texas. Man I would love to live there... I am sooo jealous!

sad said...
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