Sunday, November 08, 2009

Danner Factory Store Revisited

Danner Mtn Lites (Japan model on left, stock US model on right)

DJ Dakatons in orchid and green

1970s era Danner refurb (nfs)

Aspirational footwear via Ku:nel magazine

On Sunday, to cap off a long day at Ikea, we visited the Danner Factory Store in Portland, Oregon. A Restless Transplant and I have already reported on the DFS. In essence, if you show up at the right time, you'll find factory seconds from the Japan-only Danner Japan ("DJ") collection mixed in with standard issue military, law enforcement and fire jumper boots.

We intended to spend only a few minutes looking, but for once there were boots in our sizes. The store closed and we lingered, trying to decide between the various models. One of us is now the proud owner of a pair of Horween chromexel DJ Mountain LT.

I may be returning to the Danner store next weekend (11/14). So, if you're dead certain of your Danner size, and fall in the available size range (Women's 5-6.5, and some larger sizes; Men's 6-10, 12-15), I may be able to help connect you with a pair of these amazing boots. Email me and we can talk.

In turn, if you stop by the store, keep an eye out for men's size 6 (euro 39) DJ Mountain Lights in this colorway. I'm also stalking these styles (yet to been seen at the DFS).


J. Everett Dixon said...


I'm after the some DJ Mountain Lights! The pair shown in the first photo of this post are just what I'm looking for. I'm a men's 10... and I'll be in Portland Dec. 23-Jan. 5th.

Email me:

dixonmanor AT hotmail DOT com

marie said...

I definitely just spent many hours searching! If you find men's 6 (wmns8) DJ mountain lights suede w/red laces... similar to the ones you posted but maybe in a darker tan suede & lighter sole. Anything close to this look :


Thank you... your blog is awesome

Greg D said...

I use Danner Grouse boots for Upland hunting and although expensive, they are by far the best and toughest boots I have used in over 15 years of hunting. There customer service is second to none.

Foster Huntington said...

I was thinking about going on saturday. you lucky dogg!!

Lesli Larson said...


Trying to get away for another trip up to Danner. Keep an eye out for a 6e in the mtn light japan model for me. It's genius. Tons of boots left. I'm sure you'll find something in your size. Take photos.

Also--if you're in PDX on Saturday you should go to the one year anniversary of the downtown Filson store. Plus--you MUST visit Jordan at Winn Perry!!

9:24 AM

Alan said...

The Japanese version of the Danner Mountain Light is nearly identical to the Danner 6490 which was a hugely popular boot in the 1970's.
If you find a used pair of 6490's no ebay or Craigslist you'll have virturally the same boot. Here's a reivew from Backpacker in 1973.

The 6490 was described as being close to ideal.

Alan said...

here is an ebay example (I'm not the seller)

Anonymous said...

I was at the Danner store on Saturday. I think Baker's had some of the Brown Mtn Lights on their site... too bad they were not in my size.

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KaraKoramParka said...


The ones that you mentioned in the last sentence of this entry are made in Japan. They're probably OEM products of Ando. Maybe you want to check them out as well.

allen said...

I just noticed these Danner 6490's on ebay. They appear to be perfect in every detail save for the fact that I wear an 11D rather than a 12B. Patience is a virture.

Anonymous said...

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