Thursday, October 15, 2009

Archival Knitwear: Devold of Norway

Devold Blue Marine sweater w/zip

Devold Blue Marine sweater w/crew neck

Devold Nansen sweater w/high neck

Devold Islender Sweater

I love the look of SNS Herning knitwear, but if you need economical Scandinavian woolens for your ice-cap expedition, try Devold of Norway.

I've been using Devold Aquaduct baselayers for cycling for years. In colder conditions, and in the rain, I wear mattress layers of Devold plus a light wind vest. I'd rather get damp than overheat in a fully sleeved shell. Aquaduct knits can also be worn off the bike as a spread-collar type top layer in the style of Alexander of Fanny and Alexander (Bergman 1982).

For arctic conditions, I recommend one of Devold's Blue Marine (Blaatroie) sweaters. Worn by North Sea fisherman in some past era, blue marine sweaters are knit from pure new wool using tightly knit worsted yarns. The sweaters are super durable (non-pilling) and work well for wear under waxed cotton jackets or vests. What I like best about the Blue Marine series is that they retain their original historical styling save for the patriotic addition of a Norwegian flag patches. That being said, here's an example of a Devold nautical model I would not purchase from the past:

Devold Blue Marine w/zip and pockets

While I prefer shopping from the 19th century, Devold is offering a few "modern" tech woolens I might try. I'm a little unsure about the overarching look of the "Optimum" hoodie but I do like its use of a knit grid pattern and thumb loop holes. The optimum might make a nice addition to my post-apocalyptic layering system:


alford said...


i think the optimum hoodie would be a perfect addition to your post-apocalyptic layering system. something about the grid and the silhouette that give it a vaugely menacing look (possibly a good thing for the post-apocalypse)and yet harkening back to an earlier age - something that an inuit might have worn.

Alan said...

I feel like a heretic saying this, but the perfect base layer under all the wool is the Brynje synthetic mesh underwear.
I have the mesh bottoms and I have merino wool mesh tops from Devold and the synthetic mesh bottoms do a better job of keeping my skin dry. Pefect layering is a layer of Brynje against the skin with merino wool over the top.

peter said...

thought you might be interested in these

martin said...

What a terrible site Devold has. What does it take to simply have a link that says "sweater" or "product" that might take you to see their sweaters. But No! It's Collections this and Collections that and pics of broody emo norwegians everywhere.

Anonymous said...
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Cold is the Sea said...
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Cold is the Sea said...

I've had a Devold "Blaatroier" for years now. When I bought it I'd never owned a sweater that expensive. However, in the last 8 years I feel like it paid for itself. Very tough. Very practical.