Sunday, August 02, 2009

Archival Safari

Tom Baxter, Explorer

To Have and Have Not (Hawks 1944)
Overstuffed safari jacket signals villainy

Filson Bush Jacket for women (sans belt)

Filson Japan

90s Filson catalog (discontinued poplin pants and shorts)

Matching Kalahari shorts and Safari dress

In Swiss gabardine

Absence of Malice (Pollack 1981)

After several catch and release episodes, I finally ordered and removed the tags from a Filson Safari jacket for women. I've been a longtime admirer of the safari jacket. I'm a fan of its timeless design, warm weather wearability and cotton poplin fabric (the waxed cotton of August). If I could update the safari jacket styling, I might shorten the cut, remove the epaulets and delete the belt. For now, however, I'm wearing the belt buckled behind my back just to soften the Karen Blixen look by a few clicks. Wear test report to follow.


vaughn wascovich said...

Pretty gutsy move, safari. I've got one here somewhere, mine I think is Willis and Geiger. A quick google netted this:
Didn't the sidekick on that Tom Selleck detective show always wear a Safari? I'm afraid that I look too much like that...

Lesli Larson said...


thanks for the link. And thanks for sending along that Absence of Malice screen shot!


Quail said...

Yes, Magnum's sidekick Orville 'Rick' Wright used to do the look but Higgins takes the prize for a head to toe safari most days of the week. But Higgins did have palm leaves to set it off and the occasional security rifle to pull it off.

Lesli Larson said...

Forgot about Higgins (was he the one who did in the safari jacket as a legitimate, function first garment?).

Time for a little shopping from Magnum P.I. Side note: Andrea Marcovicci, one of my all time favorite cabaret singers, guest starred on some episode of that show. Must investigate further.

Wishing for daytime temp to drop so I can wear my jacket a bit more.

Baristas at work gave me the thumbs up.

Mens designer clothing said...

Nice jackets!!

Solomander said...

Catch and release... good turn of phrase. I had a pseudo safari jacket in the mid 80's that I always felt a bit self conscious about wearing. Bought a bush shirt from Orvis last year. I wear it, but take a bunch of abuse for it.

plaidout said...

Stealing both "catch and release" and cotton poplin: the waxed cotton of August. You're brilliant!

Anonymous said...

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