Monday, May 11, 2009

Shopping from the past: Rivendell Musettes

1996/97 Rivendell Catalog

Rivendell Acme and Plain Musettes

1994 Bridgestone B.O.B Gazette

B.O.B Basic and Imperial Musettes (my Imperial is 15+ yrs old)

Handling instructions (plus early organic cotton promo)

Rivendell Waxed Cotton "Acme" Musette

And a missed opportunity to mail order a Bridgestone X0-1 or RB-1 from the past:


vaughn wascovich said...

Great timing! I'm a new BOB member, having just bought an RB-2 today. The frame looks great, the pieces/parts, eh. I figured for 200 clams I couldn't go wrong.

surat said...

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mumbai said...

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