Friday, March 06, 2009

Archival Commerce: All Wool Sweaters

More from the Montgomery Ward 1949-1950 catalog:

Montgomery Ward Catalog, Fall & Winter 1949-1950

See catalog blank in Army Twills post below to place an order.

At some point, I hope to put some of these past images into future production (through Centralia Knitting Mills?). Which sweater would be your top candidate for modern revival? Button-up, full zip or pullover style? Color: camel, brown, grey or woodsman? Default "quality" would undoubtedly be "best."


Schorsch said...

I'll take one of the shawl-collar button up on the second page, in dark brown or dark gray. Put it on my charge account.

Anonymous said...

I have one of the letterman sweaters (like the one w/ the P on it), complete with knit-in pockets and an embroidered nameplate inside, but no letter on the chest. My brother Tom B. and I found it while thrifting in NH or VT a couple years ago. The arms are very blousey, which makes it a little hard to style for modern wear!

BTW, if he hasn't already, ask Tom about the photo I found and sent him a picture of. Awesome archival wear in use on a rowboat.

Angelo R. said...

I second the shawl collared button up. Any color would do!

Anonymous said...

Third on the shawl collared button up. It jumped right out at me and called my name.

lynnef said...

pullover with buttons at the top (yeah, I know it isn't a choice). Or a full button-up vest, in nice tweedy browns or greys. But I can knit myself one, if it comes to that. There is a pattern designer in Eugene that has just the vest that calls to me.

alford said...

I'll take the Polo shirt in grey, or the Shaker Pullover. What's the expected arrival time?

WMCF said...

Those Zip-ups are beautiful, the shawl collars remind me of a navy heavy knit cardigan Steve Mcqueen used to wear. William Claxton took some amazing shots of him in it. White tee, khakis, brown suede desert boots and the cardigan - needless to say he looked amazing.

Lesli Larson said...

Thanks for the posts and feedback so far. I'm going to look into my NW manufacturing options.


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for a nice button-front cardigan and vest. No zips for me, please. Navy, grey, or brown. Donegal would be great.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what we're onto now (fourth?), but I feel the need to express my love for the shawl collar too.

The cut of the standard and sleeveless sweaters is also great - quality post.

Lesli Larson said...

Shawl collar seems to be the preferred option for my archival knitwear project.

Regarding color: my leading preference would be for a gray sweater with a minimalist shawl collar.

I'd try to make sure to have sizes available for women too.

Now, the challenge is to find a regional manufacturer to help carry out the project.

The idea would be to work with a regional knitting mill to design and manufacture the sweater and than take pre-orders for the final product.

More info to come. Email me your thoughts, comments or photographic suggestions/examples regarding this project.

hardcori said...

I also love the button up. the pockets are awesome! I would say top choice gray, next brown.

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