Sunday, February 01, 2009

Aspirational Living: Annie Hall (Allen 1977)


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Giuseppe said...

Way to break it down!

I guess now I have to rent Annie Hall and watch it again.

plainwater said...

Finally, somebody does a post on this subject! I think all of his early movies are incredibly stylish; have you seen Play it Again, Sam (not directed by him, but written and starring)? Or Manhattan, or any of the films of that era. Even Love and Death rocks it Cossack style.

Lesli Larson said...

I LOVE "play it again Sam." I rewatch it like he rewatches Casablanca. I'd like to do a whole interior design post based on Woody's apartment in that movie (movie posters, chairs, SAN FRAN style).

All the WA films of that era have this interesting take on 1970s adult preppy (not stuffy, just sporty and classic). Plus, I cannot think of another filmmaker who makes use of my beloved Bobby Short and Barbara Carroll (favorite cabaret performers).

andrew said...

i whole heartedly second this...