Thursday, December 04, 2008

Archival Beanies

Random Merino Beanie Hat

Border Beanie Hat

Solid Beanie Hat

Wigwam Mills Oslo Beanie

Friend Rick is looking for an off-the-peg, grey wool beanie he can wear until he secures a replacement for a recently lost, hand knit version.

I suggested Vermont Originals as a commercial wool beanie resource. I found Vermont Originals by way of Rivendell Bicycle Works. Several years back, Riv switched vendors from Wigwam to VO for their signature striped beanie.

I'm a fan of striped hats (grey-black is best), though I do like Riv's solid, thin wool beanies. However, I'm waiting for Riv to cycle through their current, lt. blue and and lilac color offerings.

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Anonymous said...

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