Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shopping from the past: Rucksacks

Photo from a 1998 Filson catalog

Brady rucksack (Japan only)

Frost River rucksack photos courtesy Style Forum

Barbour catalog model with rucksack (make/model?)

If I lived in Japan I'd be president of a regional Filson "going outside" club. We'd take pictures of ourselves wearing full Filson outfits and go on Filson themed camping trips (ala Snow Peak).

My club would write yearly letters to CC Filson petitioning them to bring back clothing and accessories that had been discontinued from their original product line. This year, we would write a letter requesting that Filson reintroduce the nice box style rucksack w/a simple cinch top pictured (in postage stamp scale) in their 1998 catalog. We would request that Filson have the bag made out of the original tin cloth from the Martin company and launch the rucksacks as part of a larger "heritage" line of luggage and clothing based on historical patterns, materials and catalog images.


Christian Patterson said...
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Anonymous said...

I love that Brady Bag backpack!!!! Why don't they have products in the USA???

Lesli Larson said...

It's a great bag. I had to practically beg Brady to sell me a surplus version several years ago.