Sunday, November 23, 2008

Footwear I did not buy: Crockett and Jones "Swan" country style walking shoes

I'm a huge fan of Reference Library's blog feature,"ebay items I did not win." I've been inspired by RL to create visual homages for items that I covet, admire, but cannot own (afford, find, fit, win). Here's my latest submission: a pair of beautifully overbuilt British walking/country brogues by top Northampton, England footwear maker, Crockett and Jones. CJ offers a beautiful line of brogues for women. I've admired their (largely unchanging) product line for several years and plan to purchase a pair of Barnwells at some point in the next five years. However, I do not have any early catalogs for CJ and I've never seen the "Swan" line of country shoes featured in this ebay auction. Fortunately, the seller will not ship to US so I'm going to have just capture her gallery images and admire these shoes from afar.