Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Archival Clothing with Dog

Sara and Chaz

Filson Shelter cloth dog coat

Barbour waxed cotton dog jacket

New Zealand Rover Cozy merino wool dog coat

Chaz in his Viz-Vest

Snow Peak, purveyors of titanium sporks and luxury tent systems, offers a full compliment of companion dog accessories:

From a Google translation of the Snow Peak page: "The dog's life, even for us brings great happiness."


Content in a Cottage said...

Webster says thank you. He wants one of each. I just finished mending his old green canvas horse blanket for dogs with sheep fleece lining. I got it at a church bazaar for $4.00 ~ only now do I realize what a bargain it was! Dog clothing is very expensive, isn't it? Thanks for all the great resources.
Best, Rosemary

lvknits said...

Chaz definitely needs merino wool. I need a viz-vest. lv

reverend dick said...

Gotta be the Barbour. It has a buckle.

RS said...

barbour for the dog!

Lesli L. said...
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Lesli L. said...

Wingset, one of my favorite US Barbour stockists, sells a Barbour waxed cotton bed. Not sure if this is a special item for Wingset but I'm tempted to give it a try..