Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evidence for the Archives

Jacket Jealousy
Originally uploaded by thbonamici
Filson women's Tin Cloth Creek jacket, size XS, as it fits a 6ft fellow. More evidence that Filson is secretly marketing the "Filson for Women" line for slim fit urban gents.


Adam said...

Can we start a petition for a slim line of Filson? I ordered a Mackinaw Cruiser in 36 and it was still WAY too big on me. Had to return it, sadly.

Lesli Larson said...

Petition being readied! We'll start a second petition just to get the width of the sleeves on all jacket styles slimmed/trimmed down. Not sure what function the balloon arm styling serves in the city or in the country?

Anonymous said...


This has to be one of my favorite posts. I refer to it all the time. A skinny friend was just convinced to invest in the women's Tin Cloth Creek Jacket thanks to you.

Thank you!

~ Max

Lesli Larson said...


see if your friend will send me a picture of himself sporting his new creek jacket!

or maybe you could take a spyshot!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe i found out I'm not alone dealing with this problem.

I found an amazing filson down jacket that was slim and fit me really well, only realizing it was a womens small when taking it off.