Monday, November 17, 2008

Distant admiration: White's boots

At the Filson Portland store opening, one of the employee's told me that Filson would most likely be switching vendors for their footwear (currently being made by the Cove shoe company) by Spring 09. Since Filson does not produce a line of women's shoes or boots, the employee suggested that I drive up to Spokane, Washington, and be custom fit for a pair of White's boots (his partisan preference in Northwest footwear). Though I've admired White's from afar at our local logging supply store, I cannot possibly imagine myself wearing a pair under any imaginable circumstance--even to the dog park (my customary standing excuse for purchasing wax jackets, work boots and related "rugged" clothing and accessories). Wondering if White makes miniaturized--softened and scaled down--versions of their work boots for the Japanese market...?


sulu-design said...

I love your blog and almost never (ever?) comment, but thought I'd mention that I love White's, too, and when I posted about them months ago on my blog, I threw a little shout out your way: here.
Your post put a big smile on my face today, only to be outdone by the Pearl Filson being within walking distance of my apartment. Goodness.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, White's will make any size, and are often featured in the cult Japanese publication Free&Easy.

Lesli L. said...


please consider authoring a guest blog on your experiences living so close to the Pearl area Filson store (at least post some pix and comments on your blog--for which I'm creating a link on AC).

A23 said...

Please consider making a visit to the Wesco factory in Scappoose.

Nothing against White's, as they are some of the finest outdoor footwear made, but NOTHING beats a custom pair of Wescos.

Lesli L. said...


Will do. I may be dropping my dog off at kennel in Scappoose in the next half month. I could pick up boots and a new pup on the same trip.