Friday, October 31, 2008

Archival News: Jitensha Wool Knickers

Hiroshi of Jitensha studio is now selling a lovely, alpine style wool cycling knicker made by a small shop in Japan. Though I'm not a fan of some of the individual details (pleated front or lower buckle clasps), the overall design looks terrific. They remind me of the cycling knickers originally offered by now-out-of-business, Hebden Cord Co. Ltd. I also like the look of the of the Marresi Storica style cycling shoes (worn by the model) but I'm not sure quite how I would ever go about identifying my size or placing an order. Has anyone tried the knickers or Marresi shoes? If not, place an order and let us know.


Rob said...

This is the response I received:

Thank you for your email.

The shipping and handling for the knickers is $10.

You may place an order by phone or by email.
Please provide your credit card information as well
as your billing/shipping address.

Thank you for your interest.


natsumi iimura
jitensha studio
510.540.6240 (tues-sat. 11-5pm )

Lesli L said...


Are you going to order a pair? If so, please post some photos to flickr. I might try out a pair in a month--once I hear more about fit and finish.