Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Catch and release: Filson jackets for women

For interested parties, here are a few snap views of some new Filson garments for women (all returned back to the factory). As anticipated, none of the garments quite fit my circus monkey form (stumpy arms, stocky center, shortened torso, etc). For the most part, the garments were quite well made but exhibited strange design details/decisions: namely, one-way rather than two-way zippers, weird feminine shaping panels (not pictured) and overall, oddly boxy fit (even in a size small).


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Susan said...

Thanks for the sneak peak of the Filson women's collection. I've been wearing my dad's 45-year-old Filson jacket since he outgrew it 30 years ago. Last year, a Filson designer in Seattle spotted me wearing it, and asked to borrow my jacket so he could make a sketch for the women's collection. Am curious to see if "my" jacket made the cut!

Lesli L said...

Was your dad's jacket "missing" its collar? There's a new, unusual filson jacket design which looks like the wool mackinaw "cruiser" minus a collar. Odd concept but might make sense if it were from "of yore."

Post pix to flickr if you have any!

There's even a new filson flickr group:

Susan said...

I'm too lazy to grab my camera, but found the exact same jacket on Ebay. Excuse the messy link.

I don't think my jacket was adapted for the new women's line, which is a shame, because the style (yoke in front, patch pockets) is flattering for women.

Lesli L said...

There's a second round of Filson women's stuff coming out in the Fall (the wintery items). Perhaps your pop's coat will show up in that collection..