Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rapha Cycling Gloves

Several months ago I was directed to the British website Rapha ( sells high end cycling gear for gentleman cyclists and London bike messengers (those w/surplus tip money). Reviewing the site I became fascinated by their selection of high end, hand stiched (army sniper inspired?) cycling gloves--especially those made out of African goatskin. Since my own cycling gloves have begun to disentegrate (always a sign of genuine wear and tear) I was hoping that some sort of unpaid Rapha sportswear sponsorship might come my way. Alas, I've had to replace my own gloves with a farily pedestrian pair made out of rawhide and polyblend thread. However, one of my cycling companions with excellent taste in bikes and garments purchased a pair of Raphas as a reward for surviving a near catastrophic cyling accident. So though I don't own my own goat hair cycling gloves I at least have weekly visiting rights and visual access to probably the only existing pair in Lane County.

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